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EXCO MEETING MINUTES: New Boats, Club Suits and Members!

ERCS Executive Committee Meeting

Venue: Brotzeit Somerset


  1. Steve Davies (President)

  2. Walter Visioli (Executive Director),

  3. Raihan Omar (Secretary),

  4. Anibal Gonzalez (Treasurer),

  5. Paul (Head, Boat Maintenance),

  6. Tsung Wen Chong (Ordinary Member),

  7. Felix Kottman (Head, Corporate Development)

Absent with apologies:

  1. Louise (Captain of Boats),

Minutes (Started at 1900hr):

1. Financial Status and Membership

Anibal updated the committee that the bank balance in hand as of 21 May 2018 is $16,000. Deducting a forecast $5,500, The club is left with $10,500. This is with a total current membership of 59 members.

Raihan will advise members not to handover the boat booking link to any non-member as it is a privilege of current members.

2. Repair of fleet

$1500 will be set aside for Pong of Thailand for repair of damaged fours and other miscellaneous boat repairs. Raihan will arrange for the flight for 10 June till 17 June 2018. [Raihan]

Paul will do an inventory of necessary repair for Pong to work on. [Paul]

3. Boat Purchases

Based on data on boat usage summarized by Paul, Committee decided on a lightweight single and interchangeable double/ pair. Estimated total cost for the boats purchase is SGD$16,000. Purchase will be made once the membership fees hit significant numbers.[Paul]

Paul will add 6 pairs x shoes to the boat purchase to beef up the spares inventory. [Paul]

Anibal will send a word around to members and gather financial donations for the additional 2 boats to be purchased. [Anibal]

4. Official Club Racing Attire

Committee decided on the Oarsome attire based on quality and colour. Committee have also agreed that any members who would be representing ERC at any regatta outside of Singapore will have to don the official racing attire.Based on the results of the pre-order, committee will then decide if there is sufficient resources to buy extra attires to be kept for future member purchase.


5. Rowing Development Task Force update to committee

Steve updated the committee that the meeting held on 10 May with SportSg was a successful one. SportSg has committed to try and extend the lease of 249 Jalan Buroh by 3+3+3 years. Superficial improvement will be made to the building if short term renewal is secured and significantly good structural improvement will be made if long term renewal is secured. The committee is waiting for the result from SportSg.

6. ERCSRegatta Hosting – Tripartite-Agreed Regatta between Shanghai Rowing Club, RHKYC and ERCS

ERC will aim to host the first International ERC-hosted regatta19-20 January 2019. ERCS will host the first Regatta in Pandan Reservoir. Raihan will request from SRA an estimate cost for regatta organisation. [Raihan]

7. ERCS Club Championships

Due to recent events and the club calender, the ERC Championship regatta will be postponed to another date in September. Louise will decide on the date. [Louise]

8. Boat Damages

In the recent spade of unfortunate damages to the boats the committee has decided (within the guideline of the EGM agreement of 2017) that:

  1. All damages must be reported immediately to Captain of Boats.

  2. A non-refundable deposit of $100 will be paid into the ERCS OCBC account within 48hour. This deposit will be used to fund for repairs and also as a punitive measure.

  3. Failure to report damages may result in an increase of this fine, subject to decision by the Disciplinary Committee.

  4. Additional amount (up to $500) will be liable to be paid if the repair cost exceeds the $100 in 8 (ii) above.

  5. Captain of Boat will then enforce a Boat Care Program to all parties involved in the accident as part of the educational emphasis on boat care and usage.

  6. The Disciplinary Committee will be composed of three members :- Captain of the Boats, Boat Maintenance Committee representative, a “special member”, a non-executive member of the club, chosen by the committee on a rotational basis. [Louise]

Meeting ended at 2045hr.

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