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Easter Rowing Club (Singapore) offers quarterly and yearly membership options to adults, families, students, corporate groups. We welcome both competitive and casual rowers!

I have experience rowing but I’m not sure about committing to ERC! Can I do a trial?
If you already have experience rowing, we offer a trial month that can be converted into a full membership - get in touch!

I only have sweep experience and the club photos are all of sculls! Can I still row with ERC?
Unfortunately we don’t often get sweep boats out due to our club size and variable training schedules although it does happen once in a blue moon – we are happy to help you learn to scull in a crew boat, get in touch!

I have kayaking / canoeing / dragonboating experience! Is that enough?
No no no no no - rowing is a completely different sport requiring full body motion and kayaking / canoeing / dragonboating skills do not directly translate! Converts very welcome to learn to row in Singapore - get in touch!

I just completed the learn to row with the Singapore Rowing Association and I want to row more in crews / alone! Can I row with ERC?
Very welcome - get in touch!

I’m an experienced rower on holiday in Singapore and I want to row! Is that possible?
We often get visitor rowers and we’re more than happy to get you on the water – get in touch!

Get in touch!!

Email us at info@easterrowing.club or fill out the membership inquiry form below: