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Attendance 1. Antonio Alvarez 2. Anibal Gonzalez 3. Felix Kottmann 4. Tsung Wen Chong 5. Raihan Omar 6. Kedharnath 7. Elizabeth Brown 8. Paul Barclay 9. Steve Davies 10. Catherine Barclay 11. Becky Walter (Elizabeth Brown) 12. Liam Fitzpatrick 13. Louise Jones 14. Celia Chong Lay Chin 15. Sarah Stuart 16. Freddie Low 17. Bharat Vijayan 18. Louis douge 19. Florian charlet 20. Scott Austin 21. Walter Visioli 22. Paul Gervay (p. Walter) 23. Rebecca (p. Walter) 24. David (p. Anibal) 25. Alex Thompson (p. Walter) 26. Josip (p. Raihan) 27. Alex Medhoui (p. Kedhar) 28. Kathy Seck (p. Louise) 29. Karin Severin Carneborg (p. Louise) 30. Sue De Kock (p. Louise) 31. Michelle Gam

Long Life-(Membership) to Steve, our New President!

Brotzeit, 313 Somerset Friday 2nd March 2018 The time of president election has come, many thanks to Wen for the generous 2 years dedicated to our club growth with a specific focus on external relations. While we know that Wen's commitment is not over, we are extremely happy to announce the election of Steve as our President. Steve is one of the funding member of Easter Rowing Club and he has demonstrated a enduring commitment in serving the club since the early days. Steve's effort to develop the club strategy and positioning awarded him to be nominated as Life Member, second only after our Olympian Aisyah. Long life to our new president and the warmest congratulations Steve!

ERC 1st Quads & Fours Club Regatta

THE ERC Awesome Foursome regatta was blown into life Saturday 24/02/18 by a strong cross wind. The ERC Women were pushed hard by Louise & Michelle in the first event by fielding 2 full Quads. The Combination of Louise, Kathy (our newbie rower), Sarah & Louise emerged too fast for Michelle’s crew with Ez, Meher & valiantly stroked by Catherine. In the Male Open ‘Cup’, the third ranked scratch crew of Liam, Thomas, Ben & Scott came in as the closest of the heats. Very narrowly beaten by the established crew of Anibal, Weeliem, David & Mayank. The fastest time over the day of the vey choppy course was recorded by ERC YOUTH. 3.30 ERC Youth Crew with Daan, Callum, Matteo & Kostas were never

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